A tiny taste

Here is a tiny taste of our fun day at the Buddy Walk yesterday. It’s Ralph doing some line dancing. Umm, right before he decided to split!! Yep, James and I did the whole, “OH dear! Where’s Ralph?!?!”

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Big and Little Toby are there, too. See?

I finally figured out that my camera lense is dirty and that’s why all my pictures look like crap. When I get some friends to email me some decent photos, I’ll post them here.

If you have any Buddy Walk photos of Ralph, Zhen or Theo let me know. OK?

Pretty please?

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Ralph loves my Ipod. He likes to swipe it. He will sneak around if he thinks I’m not paying attention and steal it!! He’ll slip away and sit in front of his little mirror in the hallway and watch himself flip through animal flashcards. I know I should not be pleased, but I secretly am!

What a typical child he is!! What’s this about children with Down Syndrome being perpetually innocent angels??


Oh, he has his angelic moments. He still possesses a certain childlike innocence in most areas. But he is a sneaky little devil when he wants something!!! And I appreciate this. There is some comfort for this mom in the fact that he’s more like other typical kids than he is different.

Here is Ralph signing “gorilla”, his favorite animal, hands down.

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Day 4

The light is all wrong in these photos, I know. I just like the way Ralphie is standing. He just looks like a tough little boy to me! He acts tough lately. A little naughty, too! I’ve caught him swiping toys and shoving his little sister. I wonder if this comes naturally or if he’s learning more at school than I bargained for?

I’m so pleasantly surprised how much Ruby loves her new brothers. Zhen has not quite warmed up to her yet! He merely tolerates her and her tickles and kisses!

Ralph and Zhen have the same squishy feel to their bodies when you pick them up. This is one feature of Down Syndrome. Picking these boys up is difficult in the same way that it is difficult to pick up a bag of dog food when the stuff inside shifts and you find there is nothing left to hold. Their bodies turn into jello and they just slide through your hands.
Zhen would love to be tossed in the air like mommies and daddies do. It’s just impossible. When I pick him up with my hands under his arms he slips down until I find that I’m holding his elbows!
Theo is a bit different. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he has no fat, but this boy is easy to pick up. He is stiff enough to easily toss up in the air and he LOVES that! He also will stiffen his legs and stand up on your lap or the floor like a typical baby would do. Ralph and Zhen would never do this. Ralph always had rubber chicken legs.
All three boys have Down Syndrome, but I love the way they are so very unique.

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My school boys.

Here are my newest school boys. The go in the afternoons, so I get to enjoy their company all morning each day. Lucky me!

Getting ready to get on the bus. Don’t they look like great friends as well as brothers?

According to Ralph’s teacher, he is no longer considered a “runner.” I took issue with that sort of label to begin with so I’m glad that he has outgrown it.
He is “with the program” at school now. No need to try to run out the front door when you know that you are going to music class and music class is great fun!!

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My little tub.

Guess who else grew like a weed while I was gone?

Do you remember when she was a delicate, thin baby?


She really more closely resembles a tank lately. In fact she gets her legs stuck in the bars of her crib. She’s a sweet little tub!

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